Funeral Merchandise can be a wide variety of items. These are items in which the family has an option to purchase to honor their loved ones. Caskets, Urns and Keepsakes. Our staff can also assist in designing and choosing Cemetery Markers.


Caskets can range anywhere from $800-$10,000. Though most caskets do serve the same purpose, we can help your family choose one that meets your families need. Caskets come in a wide variety of wood and metal; from pine caskets to cherry caskets and painted caskets to polished copper. We also carry in stock caskets to serve religious beliefs and green burials. These caskets are made completely from biodegradable materials and there is no metal in the casket construction. If there is not a casket in stock, we can help you choose one from a catalog and can place an order for it at anytime.

We currently carry about 30 caskets in stock. These are a mix of wood and metal caskets that can help give you an idea on what your family may be looking for or open to purchase at the time of need. Below are some of the caskets we have to offer.


Noah Plum


Cremation Urns

Not only do urns hold the remains of your loved one after cremation has taken place, but they act as a tribute. Urns are used as a decorative piece for your loved one to be remembered with. Urns can have many different roles for your loved one. They can be used for the memorial service so that the remains are present during the service. They can be later put in a safe place in your home, on a shelf or some may prefer to bury them. Some cemeteries may have columbariums which have niches for holding urns. Like caskets, urns come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Wood, metal, glass, porcelain or even salt are some of the materials urns are made from. Below are some of the urns we have to offer.

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